Session Types - Mid Missouri Full Service Portrait Studio
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The best time to have your maternity photos taken is around the 26-32 week mark. Your bump will be evident, but you will still be comfortable enough to pose for us.


Most maternity sessions are taken in studio. We are happy to provide wraps, gowns and bandeau tops. We recommend bringing your own lace boyshorts to wear as we do not provide these items. We like to keep the colors simple, utilizing high key or low key lighting to really bring out that maternal glow, so if you do bring your own clothing, please keep in mind that most maternity images are taken in front of a white background with white clothing or a black background with black clothing. We may also use neutral tones such as beige, bone, mocha or gray.



On location maternity sessions are also an option, weather permitting. You are welcome to wear your own clothing, though we recommend pretty solid flowy dresses. We are able to provide colorful gowns for on location maternity upon request.

Mini newborn sessions are for babies under 2 months of age. These mini sessions are for awake or sleeping babies. Babies are swaddled during mini newborn sessions. These sessions can last from 30 minutes to an hour and are for baby only.

Newborn sessions are our specialty and a classic newborn session allows us to really capture everything that is special and fleeting about a brand new baby. Newborns can be photographed as soon as baby is released to come home from the hospital. In order to achieve the poses we are known for, babies need to be photographed before they are 14 days of age. In order not to miss that window, we recommend booking your newborn session before your 26th week of pregnancy as our spots fill up quickly and we may not be able to squeeze your baby in.


We are able to photograph babies of any age, but we can not guarantee the same poses for babies over 14 days of age.


To make baby ready for their photo shoot, it is best to keep them awake as much as possible and then bathe them before arrival. Bring extra milk if possible. We will feed baby before we begin our photo session.


All props, little outfits, headbands, etc. will be provided by our studio, though we always welcome heirlooms brought from home as well.


The studio is kept very warm throughout your newborn’s session, so please come prepared for this. Dressing in layers will help to keep everyone comfortable.


For family/sibling shots, we recommend bringing or wearing white, ivory, taupe, mocha or brown tank tops or tee shirts as those are the colors we generally use for these types of images.

Babies are best photographed throughout the first year each time they hit a milestone. 3 months or so is when they begin to smile, coo and give amazing eye contact. They begin to roll and they are absolutely stunning at this age.


At around 6 months your baby will begin sitting unassisted but will not yet be able to crawl. This makes it a wonderful time to photograph them! They smile and are loads of fun. This is an age that we see a lot of babies come in.


At about 9 months your baby will begin crawling. They are able to crawl away from us and sit well for the camera, providing us with unique images.


At 12 months your baby is beginning to pull up and stand. Some are able to toddle around already. This is another popular age for photographing babies as it allows us to also do cake smash sessions.


We do provide clothing upon request, though you are welcome to use your own.


Cakes and decor are not provided for cake smashes. Please contact us for more info regarding where to purchase your cake and decor as well as setup theme ideas.

Children of any age are welcome at our studio! We love to play and style children using themes whenever possible. Ask us about our themed backgrounds and we can provide you with clothing ideas for giving your child a once in a lifetime portrait session that will show of their personality more than school portraits ever could!


Children’s sessions may also be held on location, weather permitting. This allows us to use props and even more unique styling!

If we weren’t specializing in babies, we definitely would specialize in photographing families! We love to romp and play. Family sessions are best on location. We also offer styling and theme advice upon request. A family session is a wonderful way to make memories.


If you have teenaged children, we will usually pose you in a classical way on location.


If you have children under the age of 10, it’s best if you come prepared to play. We have been known to ask parents to swing their children about, chase them, play tag, give piggyback rides and play games. This keeps all members of the family engaged.

Your child’s last year of high school is a commemorative time. We offer a variety of locations, clothing changes, styling advice and hair stylist recommendations.


High School Seniors are welcome to pop into the studio for classic portraits or shoot on location at your favorite locations. Props are welcome!