Ruby is turning ONE! {Moberly Missouri Cake Smash} - Fairfeather Art
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Ruby is turning ONE! {Moberly Missouri Cake Smash}

Sweet Ruby is about to celebrate her first birthday soon, and what better way, than with a fun watermelon cake smash session?! This girl enjoyed every moment of it too, as you can tell! There are more from her 1st year photos, coming soon.


As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been super active over here for the past several months. I have some very good reasons for that, including some life-altering events. I won’t go into detail in this post, though I will tell you that my children and I were essentially homeless for nearly six months and we’re starting over with pretty much nothing (we don’t even have beds to sleep on at the moment) we are making the most of our situation. Everyone is healing while settling in to our new home, so we are rebuilding in heart as well as mind.

In lieu of accepting offers of assistance, we have decided to earn our new household items by offering a special. Since things are a bit crazy with unpacking, we are selling gift certificates at a fraction of our regular price, because every little bit helps right now! For a 30 minute session, with all lightly edited files on a CD or uploaded for you to Dropbox, you can purchase a $100 gift certificate. These certificates will never expire, and you can use them for any type of session, be it maternity, baby, family, or more! You may purchase as many as you like as well. The price for these certificates will increase to $250 after June 1st.

We are currently saving for a washing machine, since we’ve been spending $20 per trip to the laundromat and that’s starting to add up! You can help us achieve this goal and remain self-sufficient with your support.



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