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Ruby at six months {Moberly Missouri Baby Photographer}

Have you ever had a time when things just don’t seem to go right? I think I’ve been having an entire month of Murphy’s Law. So many things went wrong with Ruby’s session that it’s super embarrassing, but golly, we did get some beautiful images of her in the end, didn’t we?

Ruby’s mama contacted me to take some family photos and to maybe update Ruby’s six month portraits as well. I was excited to see Ruby again, these babies change so much within the first year and it’s always a treat to watch how they change and grow.

We decided to take family photos in their home, in front of their tree, because my studio isn’t at all equipped for cold yet. I forgot my umbrella, which was the first crisis. Then, I asked if they wouldn’t mind me shooting some film because I thought it would be adorable to create a cute little video snippet for Ruby’s first Christmas. Mom patiently held Ruby and we recorded some crazy cute video of her attacking their tree and some of the presents beneath it. Naturally, Murphy’s Law was still strong, and my program failed to import any of the video. When I sat down to edit, I discovered this and realized I’d already cleared the card. Which is why this post doesn’t feature a the video that you’ll have to take my word for was the cutest thing, like, ever.

Because my lighting was a bit off (missing umbrella, remember?) and some of the images of Ruby by herself were taken right when she was getting sleepy, I asked mom and dad to bring her out to the studio, thinking I’d just warm it up all morning and it should be okay so long as we kept her dressed and a heater nearby.

A little while before they arrived, I ran out to check on the temp of the studio and to make sure it was baby-ready. The heater had been on most of the morning and it had warmed up nicely. Then they arrived, and I discovered that after I had checked, we’d blown a fuse. Doh! We scrambled to replace the fuse but the studio was getting cold, fast. Luckily, we got it replaced, got the heater back on and got power for my lights.

I’m so lucky that my clients are totally awesome and stuck with me through it because, I mean, I felt so foolish with everything gone wrong while trying to make this work for them, but so glad that they did. Is she not totally and completely worth the fuss, though? I love her pretty features, especially her expressive eyebrows and those long lashes.

We took these photos as quickly as possible, which is honestly the best way to keep a little one this age from getting overstimulated or bored with sitting in one place for too long. After a few minutes, she was all done and we had gotten something I’m real happy with. I think mama and dad feel the same.



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