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Kyllian {Mid Missouri Newborn Photographer}

When my best friend Sherry told me that she was going to be getting a new grandbaby, I think the both of us were counting down the days because two photographers are twice the fun, and when the subject is your own kiddo and your kiddos kid, things are even more fun. Nothing is too silly or off limits, besides, photographer’s children are so used to their parents asking them to do crazy things that they are completely un-phased with any of our ideas. In fact, sometimes, your child comes up with a little creative genius all their own. At least we know they get it honest.

Naturally, when she asked if I wanted to come help with his newborn pictures, there was no way I was gonna say no. We spent the day playing in her enormous studio in Shelbina with her oh-so-neat barn set, which is what baby is posed on for several of these photographs. Sherry had been keeping me up to date with the installation of the thing and I’d been drooling over it for months, ready to check it out in person, and maybe just a bit jealous over the fun she was having without me.

Sherry’s studio is huge. Huge. She has more props than should be allowed and so much space to play. Isabelle and Annabelle accompanied me and had a lot of fun organizing the insane wardrobe she’s collected over the years while Sherry and I played with baby Kyllian. I really didn’t think I would be able to drag my girls out of there because Sherry has the most amazing shoes.

Sherry had previously taken Tristen’s maternity photos with her high key setup which is the most amazing thing, so she wanted the parent held photos to match it. I usually do these with a cream or pecan colored backdrop so this was a fun twist to these types of poses.

Since he’s a winter baby, Sherry picked up this Merry Christmas box and wanted to incorporate it into his session, but gave me freedom to play and set it up. Aren’t best friends the best?!

I think it’s safe to say that Sherry, her kiddo Kyle and his sweet as can be fiancée Tristen all got what they wanted for Christmas this year. I feel so honored and blessed to have been there for Kyllian’s first photos.



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