Felix is Five {Thomas Hill Missouri Beach Boy} - Mid Missouri Full Service Portrait Studio
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Felix is Five {Thomas Hill Missouri Beach Boy}

When I was young, my family often frequented Thomas Hill Lake, located north of Huntsville, Missouri. I remember camping there many times with other family members. We would swim until mom or dad would call us in and with heavy arms, we’d reach into a cooler for a cold orange soda to go with the hot dogs we’d push onto a green stick taken from a nearby tree. Plastic bags of chips would crinkle as we delved our greasy hot dog fingers in to grab some barbecue flavored crispies. After, there were marshmallows which Dad would teach us his technique for toasting. He’d tell us not to get them too close, but we would, then we would howl with laughter as they caught on fire.

The lake, which is really a reservoir, was constructed to provide a source of water to cool the local power plant during energy production. Along the drive to the lake, we’d watch for the “cloud maker” which is the power plant itself, releasing steam. A small portion of the lake is off limits to the public, and back then, there were plenty of camping areas maintained by the Missouri Department of Conservation. There aren’t as many publicly accessible places along the lake any longer, but we didn’t need much in the way of space for these images. Most were taken in a very small section of beach area near the most prominent campsite along the lake, just before the bridge. It’s amazing what a longer focal length will do to zero in on your subject.

I always said that I’d love to live here because I have so many fond memories here. I learned to swim here. The floor of the lake is a clay/mud mix, so we would pull up clay right out of the water and smoosh it into clay castles or thrones. I didn’t realize that I would one day move so close to the lake, but I’m glad that this spot is such a short drive away and that whenever I like, I can visit the shoreline and take a walk. And it’s kind of nice that now I can share this place with my own kiddos. Felix approves.



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